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Meet The Niasoffs - President's Message 09/09

09/09/16 09:11:36


Shabbos morning at South Head on September 17th will be a very happy occasion for Chazzan Yehoshua Niasoff: his younger son, Levi, will have his bar mitzvah; his youngest brother, Baruch, will have his aufruf; and his mother, Sofia, will celebrate her 75th birthday. We wish mazal tov and nachas to Yehoshua and the entire Niasoff family.

First, a big mazal tov to Yehoshua and his wife Nissa on Levi’s bar mitzvah. Levi has been a regular soloist from the tender age of five, a core member of our choir, and his beautiful voice and heartfelt singing has uplifted our congregation. He will be busy on Shabbos, leyning the parsha and leading the service, accompanied by an extra special appearance by the South Head choir. Levi has also released a new CD of his singing, arranged by his older brother, Aron, now living in Los Angeles.

Baruch Niasoff is Yehoshua’s youngest brother. On the Sunday he will be marrying Shifi Wolf in Melbourne. Mazal tov to Baruch, Shifi and all their families.

Mrs Sofia Niasoff lives in Brooklyn. Happy birthday.

We extend a warm welcome to Yehoshua’s entire family who have all flown in for the first time from around the world to share these simchas. (His brother Yoel, who lives in Manchester in the UK, has been with us for several weeks.) We also wish mazal tov to Nissa’s mother, Janice Miller, and Nissa’s family. We are sure that all these family members will contribute to this rare and memorable experience. The shul will be bursting at the seams, with family, friends and the whole kehilla, the Shabbos filled with music and singing.


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