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South Head Synagogue in Liquidation

South Head Synagogue has been closed and is in Liquidation.

Kehillat Kadimah has leased the premisis and are currently providing daily minyanim and Shabbat services.

Follow the link for the Kehillat Kadimah

Announcement by Administrator to the Members of South Head Synagogue

As members will be aware, the Synagogue was closed for a short period on 30 June 2017 until I was provided with funds from a third party to continue the operations.

I advised that party, shortly thereafter, that those funds were sufficient to enable the continuation of operations until Wednesday, 12 July 2017.

I have not since received any further contributions towards continuation of trading and as such the Synagogue will cease to operate from later today.

There will be no further operations in the foreseable future and it is likely that the company will proceed to liquidation on Friday, 14 July 2017.


Anthony Elkerton

Bikkur Cholim Team - Caring & Sharing

How many times have you heard congregants say?

No one visited my parent when they were in hospital”.

“Mum is confined to home and she is very lonely.”

“So-and-so would like to talk to someone.”

“I don’t have family and no one invites me for Shabbat”.


We have a team lead by Rabbi Yehoshua Niasoff who are committed to Bikkur Cholim (visiting the sick) and connecting with members of our kehillah who have pastoral needs.


Contact a member of the team if you would like someone to visit.


Rabbi Niasoff 0414 414 770

Karen Fried (Office Manager) 9371 7300 Ext. 0

John Temple (Volunteer) 0412 233 166



The Bikkur Cholim Team needs about ten members. If you feel you can help join us for coffee and cake this coming Tuesday 9 May at 8pm at the home of Rose and John Temple. Associate Professor, Jeffrey Cohen, who is a Certified Board Chaplain with considerable hospital visitation experience, will give us an induction into pastoral care. I f you are interested but unable to attend please contact us.


RSVP: call a team member for further details.


South Head Synagogue - the way forward

We are moving to a change in the way the shule operates, with members voluntarily taking on more responsibility for different areas. For example, Rabbi Niasoff and John Temple are already responsible for sick visiting (and would welcome other help). In youth activities, Pam Seidman and Bev Michaelis are recruiting local young persons with madrichim experience to run and revamp our youth program. Garry Lavan and William Maynard will plan our discussion program for Shavuot. We will be asking the kehillah to assist with other activities of the Shule. And we will soon form a committee to select a new senior rabbi.

We all want our congregants to stay loyal to South Head, to contribute to it both financially and with their time and for others to see our shule again as a wonderful and vibrant congregation. We will work together to rebuild and renew our shul. 

Sat, 25 January 2020 28 Teves 5780

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