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07/04/17 01:08:16


This coming Shabbos is called Shabbos HaGadol. Wikipedia offers 7 different possible reasons for the special name, “HaGadol” (I am sure that there are many more); my favourite is the one attributed to the Tur: “The lamb was the Egyptian deity. Many Jews, after 210 years of immersion within Egyptian civilization, had also adopted this animal as their god. When God commanded that a lamb be set aside and tied to the bed for four days in anticipation of sacrifice, the Jewish people abandoned their idolatrous practice and courageously fulfilled this mitzvah in the eyes of the Egyptian people, thereby demonstrating their complete trust and faith in God. Nothing could have been more abominable to the Egyptians, for their god was to be slaughtered. Nevertheless, miraculously the Egyptians were unable to utter a word or lift a hand. They watched helplessly as their god was being prepared for slaughter. This miracle was a great miracle (nes gadol) and gives this Shabbat its name.”

Pesach is a time of disruptions. The Jews went out from Egypt to begin their spiritual and physical journey. We, too, are commanded to remember the going out from Egypt and reflect on how it is as if God took us personally out of Egypt.

At South Head we, too, are about to undergo some physical disruptions. Major building works are required in the Herbert Hall and outside areas to comply with regulatory requirements for the operation of a child care centre. The work is expect to start just after Pesach and will take 4-5 weeks. Internally the major work will be to install operable walls to create separate spaces for different age groups. The external work will include a new child toilet block, modifications to play areas and additional storage facilities. The costs are being shared between landlord and tenant. For much of the time, the downstairs area will be a restricted construction site..

The project architect is Laurie Liskowski, who knows South Head well from our recent major building project; he has an expertise in child care facilities. South Head’s representative is Curtis Mann, who recently joined the Board to fill a vacancy. I welcome Curtis on to the Board and appreciate his help.

I wish you and your families a good Shabbos and a happy Pesach.

Thu, 23 January 2020 26 Teves 5780

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