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Changes at South Head

24/03/17 01:52:04


There have been several important changes in our synagogue.

First, following Rabbi Dovid Sebban’s move to Israel in January, we have asked Rabbi Yehoshua Niasoff to take on the extra responsibilities of being the second rabbi on top of his work as our Chazzan. Rabbi Niasoff is now in charge of the daily minyan (reading the Torah, giving short dvar Torahs and ensuring sufficient attendance), visiting sick members, other pastoral care and developing programs to engage with older members. John Temple is volunteering to assist in sick visiting. We welcome others who would like to work with Yehoshua and John – please contact them.

Second, with recent cost cutting, we have assigned responsibility for overseeing our bochurim, Elimelech Felberman and Shimi Russel, to treasurer Jack Fisher. Jack is assisted by Bev Michaelis, Pam Seidman and Samantha Kavonic. Shortly there will be announcements about programs for Pesach. In early June, after Shavuos, the bochurim will be returning home. We are starting to plan now for how we will conduct youth activities in the future; if you are interested in contributing your time and ideas, please contact Jack or Bev. We are particularly interested in hearing from our younger members with group leadership experience (hadracha).

Third, the Hug-a-Bub child care business closed at the end of last year. We have recently signed a long-term lease with new operators, Darren and Yamit Zelazne, who run the Yeladim Jewish child care facility nearby. They are applying for a new approval, which is expected within the next few months. I will keep you informed of progress.

This Saturday we are again fortunate in having a Shabbos Mevorchim lunch generously sponsored by Kevin Bermeister as part of Project Linda, in honour of his late mother. The guest speaker is well-known author Gabrielle Lord. We will also be celebrating the last of the Sheva Berachos for Dina and Alon Charif, who were married in Melbourne last weekend – mazal tov to the Charif and Kahn families.

Finally, congratulations to my immediate predecessor, Malcolm Kofsky, who has been elected president of the NSW Council of Orthodox Synagogues.

Thu, 23 January 2020 26 Teves 5780

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