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Happy Purim

10/03/17 02:32:12


I wish a happy Purim to everyone. Purim is a time of great joy and celebration. What are some of the special characteristics of Purim? First, God is hidden – in the Megillah, there is no mention of God – in fact, the name “Esther” is related to the Hebrew word “hastair” meaning hidden or concealed. Of course, we believe that the threat to the Jews and their salvation all are part of God’s plan, but in the Purim events the Jews themselves have to take the lead in acting to save themselves. Our enemy, Haman, is an Amalekite – the perpetual enemy of the Jewish people. Despite our best efforts – and Haman and his sons are both killed then hung from the gallows – we will always confront such enemies in every generation.

There are exciting Purim celebrations at South Head. We are starting early, on Erev Shabbos, with a children’s party with a Loony Tunes theme starting at 5.45pm, with a performance by a magician, plus balloon-twisting, decorating hamantaschen, and a photo booth. Special thanks to Richard Seidman and his company, iAccess Consultants, for sponsoring the function. There will be several adult activities including a special Purim Masquerade Kiddush and a musical Kabbalat Shabbat service, all starting at 5.45pm. We will also be celebrating the bat mitzvah of Keren Miller – mazal tov to Keren, her parents Mandy and Lonn and her whole family.

Last Shabbos we celebrated the aufruf of Alon Charif. Alon and Dina Kahn will be married in Melbourne next weekend. Alon and his family have made great contributions to our shul. Alon’s father, Ian, served with me on the Board for many years and was at various times treasurer, vice president and president, always working hard on behalf of the kehillah. Alon’s mother, Bernice, restarted our ladies’ guild, which she still leads, arranging kiddushim and other events in the Herbert Hall. Alon has himself been an active member of South Head, for many years leading the youth minyan. Alon and Dinah will be living in Caulfield in Melbourne. Mazal tov to the Charifs

Thu, 23 January 2020 26 Teves 5780

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