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Chasonim For Simchas Torah - President's Message 26/08

25/08/16 18:37:46


Last Friday night we had a very nice dinner in shul for a group of bat mitzvah girls and their families, where each of the girls spoke briefly. Our thanks to Rebbetzin Henya Milecki for organising the dinner, cooking all the food (which was very tasty) and doing all this at a time of great personal stress; we wish long life to Henya and the entire Milecki family. On Saturday we had our special New Zealand Shabbos – it was wonderful! Thanks to our speakers, Adrian Shine (who was also our main organiser) and Johnny Weiss (our main financial sponsor) and to Bernice Charif for putting together a special array of Kiwi foods. The highlights were the singing of Adon Olam to the tune of God Defend New Zealand (led by Chazzan Yehoshua Niasoff) and the haka at the Kiddush.

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Chasonim for Simchas Torah
I am delighted to announce the appointment of Chasonim for Simchas Torah, Rodney Naumbuger and Daniel Biggs. Simchas Torah will be on Monday night, October 24th and Tuesday, October 25th.

Rodney and Danny and their families are long-time members of South Head. In fact, their appointment has a special significance: their fathers, Max Naumburger (who passed away in early 2013) and Martin Biggs, also had the honour of serving together as Chasonim for Simchas Torah.

Rodney attended South Head Synagogue his whole life; his bar mitzvah was held on the inaugural Shabbos of Rabbi Silberman, Rabbi Milecki’s predecessor, 45 years ago. He works as an accountant specialising in tax and enjoys travel, swimming and sailing. Aside from his close association with South Head, he serves as vice president and treasurer of the Zionist Council of NSW

Danny Biggs and Rodney are both 58 years old. Danny, too, started coming to South Head with his father as soon as he could walk – and he has been a member his whole life. He is an orthopaedic surgeon; over the years, he has had several young Israeli surgeons work with him and he maintains close working and social relationships with them and several hospitals in Israel. He has a son, Jake, and a daughter, Nicky, as well as three step-sons, Mark, James and Dean; Dean is currently serving in the Israeli army as a chayal boded (lone soldier). This year Danny married Jacquie, sister of our board member Peter Wayne. They are proud of their extended family and their many achievements.

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