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Staff Changes - President's Message 31/06

01/07/16 07:46:46


In my first message to you I explained that our financial position had deteriorated and that we needed to act quickly to reduce our costs. That has been a top priority for me, our Treasurer Jack Fisher, the Rabbi and the rest of the Board. Our other key priority is to stabilise and then grow our membership base. I wish to tell you about the staffing changes at South Head that will assist us in achieving our objectives.

We have engaged...

A New Vision For South Head - Rabbi's Message 24/06

24/06/16 06:40:42


This past Sunday we had our first Board Meeting. This is my opening address to the Board in which I enunciate critical elements of our vision for South Head. Below you will find a message from President James Hochroth who will, G-d Willing, be a regular contributor to South Head’s eNews.

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for being here today and for joining our Board of Management. In so doing you demonstrate your support of...Read more...

We Are Family! - President's Message 25/06

24/06/16 06:39:01


We Are Family

I spoke in shule then wrote to you last week about myself, the challenges and opportunities facing our kehillah, and my view of our rabbi. I plan to write to you, my fellow congregants, regularly (for now, I will try to make it weekly). In my view, it is important that we become more like one big family, a mishpochah writ large. Fortunately, Rabbi Milecki shares this vision – to be honest, it is through knowing him and...Read more...

A Presidential Address - 17/06

24/06/16 06:37:34


I have just been elected president, to be confronted with an article in the Australian Jewish News. I want to talk to you about myself, how I see the issues and challenges facing the shul and Rabbi Milecki’s position.

I was born and brought up in New York. I am about tocelebrate 40 years of marriage; my wife, Yvonne, comes from a family of Holocaust survivors in Adelaide, who were Hungarian-speaking, and very...Read more...

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