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17/04/15 11:23:22


From Russia With Love!

26/07/12 00:31:01



Man or Woman: Who is holier?

31/03/11 22:41:30


Judaism is often viewed as patriarchal relegated to second-class status. But is this really the case? Tune in as we explore an aspect of this week's parasha which can shed light on this intriguing subject.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

10/03/11 22:45:23


We often think of Biblical sacrifices as being animal. In the opening verse of Leviticus the Torah hints to the fact that the ultimate sacrifice is not from any external animal. Rather it is from the inner animal that we all possess but which is within our power to transform.

Be Happy - Always!

03/03/11 21:28:51


In Judaism sadness is NEVER an option.

My Home - My Temple

24/02/11 22:05:45


Is the Torah's detailed description of the Temple and its contents a historical dinosaur, or does it have contemporary relevance? This class will explain how...

Do Miracles Still Occur Today?

10/02/11 22:40:51


If the epic miracles of the Bible really occurred, why are there none today? If Gd exists and wants us to believe, why doesn't he just perform a miracle? That would transform all the atheists, wouldn't it? Or would it? Let's see what happened when a miracle really did occur in front of the whole world.

The Greatest Human Need

27/01/11 22:39:11


What is the greatest human need? Freud said sex; according to Adler it was power; Marx thought economics. Who was right?

The Gift of Sight

19/01/11 22:03:22


Today, Thursday 20 January in the secular calendar, is Tu B'Shevat, New Year for Trees in the Jewish calendar. As I have learnt this year, and would like to share with you, it contains a very pertinent lesson for each and everyone one of us associated with our wonderful gift of sight.

The REAL World Cup

09/12/10 21:32:18


Unfortunately Australia has just missed the opportunity to host the World Cup in 2022. But perhaps there is more to soccer than hosting an international sports event. Is it possible that the REAL World Cup is played out every day of our lives? In this video clip, a Barmitzvah boy is taught some real Life Lessons from Soccer. (Thanks to videographer Julie Fisher and to Adam Goddin and his family for permission to use the video).

Our Spiritual DNA

02/12/10 02:32:59


Every part of the body contains the cellular information of every other part. How can we apply the lesson of DNA to our spiritual lives and what relevance does it have to Chanukah?

Ten Commandments of Marriage

25/11/10 22:11:30


According to Kabbalah, every marriage is a re-enactment of the "Ideal Marriage" - the marriage between Gd and Israel at Mount Sinai. Just as the Ten Commandments formed the moral and legal basis of that relationship enabling it survive the ups and downs of millennia, so too through the "Ten Commandments" of marriage the blissful desire of every couple can be achieved. Click here to listen to a recent talk to a young couple under the Chupa.

Hit Pay Dirt!

11/11/10 22:52:24


In life we are often faced with apparently insurmountable obstacles. Why?

The Secret of a Good Marriage

05/11/10 01:15:46


What makes a good marriage? What makes a good life? Let's look at the first Jewish marriage for guidance.

Never Grow Old!

29/10/10 00:13:51


Although 175 at his death, Abraham died a young man. What was his secret?

Is There a Limit to the Human Lifespan?

14/10/10 21:30:51


After conquering disease will we still suffer inbuilt obsolescence or will we live forever?

All Together NOW!

02/09/10 00:20:51


As we resolve to live better lives, what is the ONE thing that G-d values in His children above ALL else?

In Gratitude Always

26/08/10 23:21:29


Life offers us so many gifts. It's the one who appreciates them who really receives them!

What the World Needs Now - The Torah's View on Love

19/08/10 23:11:07


The word "love" is bandied around a lot, from the flower-chidlren of the sixties to the pop-stars of today. But how important is it and what does it really mean?

Good is forever

06/08/10 00:07:10


When grandparents are blessed with grandchildren, there is a deep sense of fulfilment. All the pain, difficulties and struggles of the past seem to fade into insignificance. In this week's talk I explain why good is of the essence and forever, whereas bad is on the surface and without any real permanence.

When Divine Hunger Leads to a Holy Apetite

30/07/10 01:04:48


Whereas from an evolutionary perspective, hunger is seen as no more than the body's survival instinct, Judaism sees a healthy appetite as leading to a far loftier purpose - a means of fulfilling Gd's goal in Creation. Understanding hunger gives us incite into another "natural" instinct: the desire to have children.

Has the Third Temple Already Been Built?

20/07/10 06:51:13


Although most people believe that there have only been two temples and that the third will have to await the coming of Moshiach, the reality is that a third Temple was already built by King Herod. Why then is it not "counted"? Are yesterday's best efforts good enough for today? The story of King Herod's truly glorious "Third" Temple will give us a clue.

Positive & Negative - Two Sides of One Coin

16/07/10 00:44:49


On the Shabbat before Tisha B'Av we read Chazon, where Jeremiah prophecies the destruction of the Temple, whereas on the Shabbat after Tisha B'Av we read Shabbat Nachamu, where Isaiah prophecies its future restoration. We all face negatives in life. Understanding the deep connection between these two Shabbatot may help us view them in a different light.

Who really runs the show - Gd or Man?

08/07/10 23:33:40


There are those who say that for the religious person, everything is fate - predetermined by Gd. Nothing a human being does or does not do makes any difference. Others say that the basis of religion is Free Choice and the responsibiliity that goes with it. After He created it, Gd no longer plays a role in the happenings of His world. What is the Jewish view. In this week's iTorah we will discover that although we have no control over the "if" of something happening, we can most certainly have an impact on the "when" and "how". (Please excuse the quality of this video. It was produced in a rather challenging environment!)


01/07/10 20:22:01


One of the legacies of outgoing Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was the national expression of "sorry" to indigenous Australians. Many attacked the Prime Minister for talking a lot and doing little. Should we accept this criticism, is there at least some benefit in being "sorry" even if it has little or no practical application?

Do Jews Believe in Martrydom?

25/06/10 00:19:58


What is the Jewish attitude to martyrdom and how does it contrast to that of Muslim fanatics? It is often stated that there is no Jewish history, only Jewish martyrology. But is this true?

A Personal Note

24/06/10 23:09:14


Sanctification of G-d. My Rebbetzen's two grandfather's were martyred by the Soviets. How is that commemorated in our family?

Snakes,Doctors & Gd

17/06/10 21:31:21


International sign of Medicine is a snake wrapped around a pole. The origin of that sign is in the Torah - but what does it mean?

It's Time to Stop Kevetching!

04/06/10 02:26:48


Complaining may be a Jewish past-time. But there is another way. (Thanks to Joe Bobker for the jokes!)

We Are All Candles!

27/05/10 23:36:06


But how do you get us to stay alight? Three lessons from the Menorah and the manner in which it was lit.

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