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South Head Barmitzvah Course

Impressions from a recent graduate and his father 

Shannon Mayer and his proud Dad (Michael) recently completed the 6 week Bar Mitzvah Course run by our Chazan Rabbi Yehoshua Niasoff. The course was conducted over 6 consecutive Monday nights and all upcoming Bar Mitzvah boys and ideally a family member were invited to attend.

Here are some comments from Shannon Mayer about the program:

“Becoming Bar Mitzvah is one of the most important events in Judaism. It means you become a man, you become more responsible and you officially represent the Jewish community. It’s important to know what and what not to do when becoming Bar Mitzvah.

The South Head 6 week Bar Mitzvah Course was so amazing. You learn about the 5 souls, Mitzvoth, Chabad (and what it means), Kashrut, Tefillin and Tzitzit. I highly recommend anyone who is coming Bar Mitzvah to take this course. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I would like to give a huge thank you to Rabbi Yehoshua for teaching me the importance of becoming Bar Mitzvah. I am now ready to become more responsible and officially represent the Jewish community”.

His Dad Michael agrees:

“Full marks to Rabbi Yehoshua for conducting the program. I was personally so inspired with Monday nights being the highlight of my week. It was a unique bonding opportunity for Shannon and me and we loved sharing it together.

Becoming a bar mitzvah boy is more than the day itself. It’s about making my son the focus of attention in the family through love and total family support. It’s about presenting him with his teffilin and tallis, encouraging him through his Parshat lessons, attending Shul together and discussing our Jewish faith and traditions with him. Rabbi Yehoshua and South Head Shul through the Bar Mitzvah program gave me the framework and perfect opportunity to take this preparation to a higher level.

Thank you Rabbi Yehoshua.”

On Shannon’s 13th Hebrew birthday, at the suggestion of Rabbi Yehoshua, Michael and Shannon attended the shacharit 6:45am service at the Shul. Shannon had his first aliyah as a Levi with his proud Dad right at his side. Delicious pastries and a tot of whisky was Michael’s treat for all present. 

Shannon will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah at the Shul on 18 April 2015.



Sat, 25 January 2020 28 Teves 5780

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