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South Head Catering

The South Head Ladies' Guild has really put South Head Catering on the map! What began as a small initiative to provide a little variety and some new options has turned into a highly successful venture with people absolutely raving about the service and products on offer.  As one family told us recently: 


"..We wondered if you’d mind passing onto the appropriate people how blown away we were with the wonderful Kiddush Bernice, Marianne and colleagues prepared for Mark’s Aufruf on 30th November.​
If the team wanted to, they could easily turn their hands to professional catering of big events. They are really that good. But they want to plough their trade exclusively at South Head and we should consider ourselves very fortunate indeed to have wonderful people like this team who are so devoted to making South Head simchas so memorable.
Please send our thanks to all involved and as far as we are concerned, the Ladies Guild at South Head are tops! Many thanks and warm wishes. 
Joe and Loraine.
If you would like to be involved with the Ladies Guild or just help out please contact Bernice 0410-303-934 


Sat, 25 January 2020 28 Teves 5780

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