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Bat Mitzvah Experience!

Give your daughter the Bat Mitzvah gift and opportunity of a lifetime!

Our Bat Mitzvah classes are filled with fun and excitement. Each lesson comes along with lots of very practical and hands-on learning. Girls will be blown away as they learn about becoming Bat Mitzvah. They will learn about their Neshama, their unique talents and abilities, the three Mitzvot of the Jewish women, the importance of Tzeddakah and many other exciting topics.

Our courses are 12 weeks long and run twice a year.

For all enquiries and to receive our detailed BatMitzvah Experience brochure please email

Curriculum and Overview

Curriculum and Overview

South Head Synagogue's Bat Mitzvah Experience is made up of five parts.

1. The wonder of beaming a Jewish woman: This includes a journey of 12 lessons in which the girls will learn what it means to become Bat Mitzvah. All lessons will be centred on fun, interactive activities, where the girls will learn through hands-on experience.

2. Girl on the Glow: This is a fun merit system that encourages the girls to apply what they learn at Bat Mitzvah Club in their everyday lives, by being a 'Girl on the Glow'

3. Shule Acquaintance Group: A special service will be held every Friday night for pre and post Bat Mitzvah girls. The service will combine prayer, thought-provooking discussions and a special Kiddush.

4. Time out with your friends: Girls will experience an authentic Shabbat meal with their friends. They will also go on an excursion to an exciting venue of their choice at the end of the course.

5. D'var Torah Presentation. The Bat Mitzvah preparations culminate in a Dvar Torah given by the girl either in Shule or at the Bat Mitzvah function. Individual tutelage and instruction will allow for the discussion of the Bat Mitzvah girl's unique Parasha and her Jewish name.


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