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LifeCycle - South Head Synagogue

23/02/15 21:32:55

Condolences to Jeffrey Engelman and family on the passing of his father John Engelman עה on February 24th.

22/02/15 20:25:10

Mazal Tov to Lisa Skovron and Michael & Carol Skovron on the birth of son and grandson Naftali [Leo Henry] on February 10th.

18/02/15 19:47:00

Mazal Tov to Adele Lehrer, Eddie & Flore Jaku and Sandor Agoston on the birth of a great grandson on Feb-18th.

18/02/15 19:46:00

Mazal Tov to Marc & Rachel Jaku, Michael & Linda Jaku and Alan & Esther Reich on the birth of a son and grandson on 18-Feb.

17/02/15 00:59:22

MAZALTOV to Jason & Molly Gellert and Robert & Marie Gellert on birth of a daughter and grand-daughter on 13-Feb; & to Ray & Ellen Duggins.

10/02/15 21:06:17

Mazal Tov to Dr Henry & Miriam Briggs and family on the engagement of their grand-daughter Michal Weill & Yisrael Glicksberg in Israel.

09/02/15 21:13:38

Mazal Tov to Marian Appel and Peggy Wahlhaus on the birth of a great grandson in Israel on Feb-3rd and to parents Ben & Joy.

09/02/15 21:12:35

Mazal Tov to Alan & Sharon Wahlhaus on the birth of a grandson in Israel on Feb-3; to parents Ben & Joy, & GndPts Maurice & Evelyn Sallem

08/02/15 18:02:14

Mazal Tov to R'Yehoshua & Nissa Niasoff on birth of grand-daughter Menucha Rochel on 8-Feb; parents R'Yaacov & Chayale Glassner and families

03/02/15 21:43:50

Mazal Tov David & Danielle Lechem, Henry & Susan Lechem, David Stern on birth of son & grandson Feb-2; & GtGmthers Gerda Stern Sybil Cornell

02/02/15 23:24:25

Mazal Tov Garry & Sara Lavan, Dr Alex & Katarine Lawan, & Miriam Lavan on Ilan's engagement to Shira Newman; & to Harold & Hillary Newman.

02/02/15 23:21:32

Mazal Tov Dr Richard & Sharon Cohn on Cayley's engagement to Dan Smith; & to Mike & Helen Smith & Gndmothers Amelia Lazarow, Ruth Glezerson

29/01/15 16:27:07

Mazal Tov to Sharon Skovron & Tobi & Simone Skovron on birth of grand-d'ter & daughter Harper Lilly on Jan-21; & to GPs Jack & Molly Iglicki

29/01/15 00:09:03

Mazal Tov Colin & Melanie Krost and Cecil & Barbara Krost on engagement of Kylie to Ilya Aronovich.

27/01/15 21:04:18

Mazal Tov Richard&Pam Seidman & Jack & Ros Fisher on birth of Gndaughter/Grt Gnd'ter Tahel in Israel 23-Jan; & to parents Talia & Itai Amir.

22/01/15 20:33:14

Condolences to Dion Shapiro and Kevin Shapiro and their families on the passing of their father Natie Shapiro ע׳ה in Sth Africa on Jan-22nd.

21/01/15 22:38:45

Mazal Tov to Menashe & Geraldine Harkham on the birth of a grand-daughter 22-Jan; and to parents Rabbi Raphael & Chaya Mushka Harkham.

21/01/15 00:05:15

Mazal Tov to Gary & Suzy Cohen on the engagement of Jordana to Brett Nathan; and to parents Cyril & Beverley Nathan

14/01/15 22:53:57

Condolences to George Gertler and family on the passing his sister, Edith Hofbauer ע׳ה on January 7th.

14/01/15 19:25:23

Mazal Tov to Bindi Maisel & Shaun Bettman on their engagement and to parents Philip & Glenda Maisel and Shirley Bettman.

12/01/15 16:46:53

Condolences to Dr. Alexander Lawan and Garry Lavan and families on the passing of their son and brother, Dr. Daniel Lavan on Jan 10

11/01/15 20:09:17

Condolences to Garry Lavan and family on the passing of his brother Daniel Lavan ע׳ה on Jan-10; Funeral: Jan-13 Chevra to Rookwood from 1pm

08/01/15 22:54:47

Mazal Tov to David & Mandy Manne on engagement of son Jason & Tali Stemmerl; parents Lisa&Phillip Stemmer; Gnmths Marian Appel, Esther Manne

07/01/15 17:36:48

Mazal Tov to Kuba & Kitty Enoch on the birth of great grand-daughter Ruby on Dec-5th; and to parents Ben & Lauren Blasina.

04/01/15 18:57:32

Mazal Tov to Tony & Cara Herbert and Bernard & Russel Herbert on the birth of a son and grandson on Jan-1st in SthAfrica.

04/01/15 18:56:12

Condolences to Bernard Herbert on the passing of his brother Joseph (Yossi) Herbert ע׳ה in the USA on Friday Jan-2nd.

22/12/14 18:42:08

Mazal Tov to Francois & Tanya Sarzin and grandmothers Bev Michaelis and Anne Sarzin on the birth of a baby girl in Israel on Dec22/30Kislev

14/12/14 22:42:14

Mazal Tov to Robert & Sylvia Kohn on birth of grand-daughter Dec-14 in Jerusalem; to parents Daniel & Leigh Kohn & GndPnts Ian & Sara Miller

14/12/14 22:11:56

Mazal Tov to Lance & Loren Kalish on the birth of a daughter on Dec-13; & grandparents Dr Peter & Shirley Kalish, Dr Michael & Carol Wunsh

14/12/14 17:53:55

Condolences to Brian Rosmarin and family on the passing of his brother Milton Rosmarin ע׳ה in South Africa on Shabbat Dec-13th.
Thu, 30 June 2016 24 Sivan 5776

The Daily Word

Mazal Tov to Justin & Nicola Rosenberg on the birth of a son; to grandparents Bert & Pauline Rosenberg and Malcolm & Julie Deall

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