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28/11/13 09:40:34

Mazal Tov to Dr Alex & Lyn Freitag on birth of grandson Nathan Reed on Oct-31; to parents Raphael & Sharon Adler & grandfather Michael Adler

26/11/13 23:30:49

Mazal Tov Barry & Wynn Abkin, David & Marilyn Woolf, Solly & Brenda Abkin, Josie Woolf on birth of baby boy to Hylton & ShanaLee Abkin Nov27

26/11/13 19:02:03

Mazal Tov to Joe & Loraine Fischer on the forthcoming marriage of Mark & Sarah; to parents Dr Richard Myerowitz and Cheryl & Morris Battino

26/11/13 19:00:54

Mazal Tov to Malcolm & Jodi Kofsky on the engagement of Shira to Eli Greenwald; to parents Rabbi Chanania & Helen & to Gmother Myra Kofsky

26/11/13 18:48:59

Condolences to William Silverman and Bertha Shakinovsky and families on the passing of their father, Robert Shakinovsky on Nov-4th in SA

25/11/13 21:06:11

Psalms (Tehilim) has 150 chapters in 30 parts for the days of the Jewish month.Try to say a chapter or two each day - in Hebrew or English.

20/11/13 20:57:07

Mazal Tov to Allan & Denise Kavnat on birth of grandson Jake on Nov-8th; & parents Russell & Lauren Kavnat, Gndparents Ian & Esther Meyerson

20/11/13 20:03:59

Mazal Tov to Natalie & Glen Lees, Devorah Lees & Jaqui & Victor Rosenberg on the BatMitzvah of Chloe on Nov-22nd

19/11/13 21:49:22

South Head wishes Mazal Tov to grandparents R'Moshe & Sara Lieder & great grandparents Alex & Lily Milecki and R'Mendel & Rtzin Roza Marsow

19/11/13 21:47:41

South Head wishes Mazal Tov to Rabbi Benzion & R'tzin Henya Milecki on birth of a Gnddaughter -Nov-19th; & parents R'Chony& Chanchie Milecki

19/11/13 20:31:46

Mazal Tov to Dr Sam & Eva Friedman on the engagement of Gnd-daughter Shterny & Elchonon Solomon; & to parents Rabbi Shmuley & Debbie Boteach

14/11/13 01:10:43

Condolences to Jennifer Hirshowitz, Tania, Gary & Bev & families on the passing of their husband and father, Arthur Hirshowitz, on Nov-13th

13/11/13 22:27:50

Condolences to Jennifer Hirshowitz and Tania Swidler and families on the passing of their husband and father, Arthur Hirshowitz, on Nov-13th

12/11/13 19:46:27

Mazal Tov to Hayley Carr and Jason Carr on the BatMitzvah of Rubi on Nov-15; & to grandparents David & Sylvia Carr, Liebby Elias & Len Elias

11/11/13 01:22:04

Mazal Tov to Harold & Bev Boas on the engagement of son Michael to Candice Karpes; and to Jean Karpes and grandmother Lore Boas.

06/11/13 20:58:15

Condolences to Bonnie Gordon and family on the passing of her father, Julius Rubin, on 5-Nov / 2 Kislev

06/11/13 17:49:54

Mazal Tov to Mark & Lynne Seskin on the engagement of Loren & Ryan Edelmuth; to parents Steve & June Edelmuth & to all the grandparents

05/11/13 23:35:07

Condolences to Vivienne Rubin and family on the passing of her husband Julius Rubin on 5-Nov/2 Kislev; Funeral Thu 7th at Macquarie 2.30pm

03/11/13 19:21:56

Condolences to Jack Rosenstraus and family on the passing of his mother Elwira Rosenstraus on 28 Cheshvan / November 1st

27/10/13 19:34:01

Mazal Tov to Lawrence&Bryoni Stander, Stephen&Taube Krost, Cecil&Barbara Krost, Milton Stander, Sharon Stander on birth of baby girl Oct-24

21/10/13 23:03:42

Mazal Tov to Bernice Jacobs on birth of grand-daughter on Oct20; parents Lauren & Alan Meskin & Grandparents Sandra Meskin and Dennis Meskin

17/10/13 22:56:46

Mazal Tov to Ben & Eve Friedman on the birth of a grandson Oct-17th; to parents Shimon & Yosefa Friedman & grandparents Joel & Leslie Baum

17/10/13 20:19:41

Mazal Tov to Geoff & Debbie Levy on the engagement of Rachel & Brad Cohen; & to Gavin & Marcelle Cohen, Rose Levy and Clarice Schwartz.

08/10/13 00:59:53

Mazal Tov to Bev Michaelis on the birth of a grand-daughter Oct-6 & to parents Lauren & Josh Jacobson and Gndparents Robin & Helene Jacobson

08/10/13 00:58:28

Mazal Tov to Josh & Carla Stern and Neill & Kathy Miller on the birth of Eli Dov Ber (Eli Isidor) on Oct-1 and to G'mother Sandy Stern

02/10/13 21:40:26

Mazal Tov to Marc & Adina Jacobs on the birth of a son on Oct-2nd; and to grandmothers Bernice Jacobs and Pearl Krausz-Rubinstein

02/10/13 21:19:00

Mazal Tov to Peter & Lily Wayne on the engagement of daughter Monique to Brad Meyerowitz; to parents Errol & Sandi and Gndmother Diana Wayne

30/09/13 00:53:27

Mazal Tov to Farrel & Caryn Joffe on the birth of a son on Sep-26th; and to grandparents Martin & Illana Joffe and Brian & Zelma Schmaman.

29/09/13 18:45:27

To be truly alive - maintain your passion in the most frigid environment. We say l'chaim on alcohol - even in a freezer, it doesn't freeze!

24/09/13 20:51:19

Mazal Tov to Menashe & Geraldine Harkham on birth of Gndson Sep24 to Gabi&Natacha Harkham; & to Naji Harkam, Sara Meschers, Emanuel Meschers
Wed, 23 April 2014 23 Nisan 5774

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