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LifeCycle - South Head Synagogue

01/10/14 20:53:11

Mazal Tov to Matthew Michael & Sarah Adamek on their engagement; & to parents Harry & Lillie Michael and Peter & Kerry Adamek.

01/10/14 20:44:34

Condolences to Dr Denise Meyerson and Pamela Levy & their families on the recent passing of their father Charles Simmons ע׳ה in Sth Africa

30/09/14 00:43:30

Mazal Tov to Rose Levy and Clarice Schwartz on the birth of great grandson Yehuda Leib Levy on September 23rd.

30/09/14 00:42:43

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Benji & Renana Levy on the birth of Yehuda Leib on Sep-23; and to grandparents Geoff & Debbie Levy, R'Scot & Ester Berman

14/09/14 20:33:40

Condolences to Linda, Kevin, Yitzchak, Rebecca, Ilana (Akres) Bermeister & families on passing of father and husband Allan Bermeister Sep12

11/09/14 19:59:09

Condolences to Lynn Bornstein and family on the passing of her father Harold Friedland ע׳ה in South Africa on September 10th.

10/09/14 19:46:49

Mazal Tov to Lester & Lynn Kalmin on birth of grandson Joshua Marc Aug-25; parents Gary & Jacqui Kalmin & gndparents Sylvain & Beverley Mouw

27/08/14 22:42:56

Mazal Tov to grandparents Mervyn & Lynne Katz & great grandparents Sylvia Katz and Eli & Hazel Kitay on birth of Jacob Kitay on 28-July

27/08/14 22:41:19

Mazal Tov to Martin & Terry Kitay and Myra Kofsky on birth of grandson Yacov Shai (Jacob) on 28-Jul; & to parents Greg & Lee-Anne Kitay,

24/08/14 20:16:10

Mazal Tov to Rita Sher, Hilda Elison and Molly Kalk on the birth of a great grand-daughter on Aug-24th, born to Marc & Nicci Elison.

24/08/14 20:14:35

Mazal Tov to Marc & Nicci Elison and Ian & Bernice Charif on the birth of a baby girl on Aug-24; & to grandparents Harold & Melanie Elison

20/08/14 21:51:27

MAZAL TOV David & Janet Kessler, Ingrid Naumburger on birth of gndson/Gt gndson Gidon Meir (Gidon Max); & to parents Natalie & Josh Persky

20/08/14 20:11:51

Mazal Tov to Angel & Denise Mallach and Manny & June Morris on birth of great grandson Simcha Bunim (Dion Leo Ungar) on Aug12.

20/08/14 20:10:03

Mazal Tov Daniel & Nicole Ungar on birth of Simcha Bunim (Dion Leo) Aug12; to Gndparents Gary & Michelle Ungar, Dr Brian & Andrea Ruttenberg

19/08/14 22:47:13

Mazal Tov to Isabelle Shapiro OAM on being elected Vice President of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies at their 69th AGM on Aug-19th.

17/08/14 19:56:45

Mazal Tov to Les Davimes, Dr Uri & Beryl Milunsky, Mario Skrvisky on forthcoming marriage of grandchildren Terri Milunsky & Sebastian Ruiz

17/08/14 19:54:19

Mazal Tov to Dr Roy & Diane Milunsky and Mario & Regina Ruiz on the forthcoming marriage of their children Terri & Sebastian on Aug-24th

17/08/14 19:48:13

Mazal Tov David & Mandy Manne & Sheila Morton on the marriage of their children Dr Lisa Manne & Ari Weintraub; & to gndmother Marion Appel

08/08/14 10:51:24

Condolences to Jenna and Matthew Meyerson and family on the passing of their father, Julian Meyerson ע׳ה on August 2nd in South Africa

01/08/14 09:57:53

Mazal Tov to Tony & Merrylin Goodman on birth of grand-daughter July 31; parents Jeremy & Nikki Goodman, & Gndpts Harry & Vivian Cousens

29/07/14 20:49:02

Condolences to Aubrey Schaffer and family on the passing of his sister Sonia Smukler ע׳ה on July 25 / 27 Tammuz in SA

29/07/14 20:48:16

Condolences to Denise Kavnat and family on the passing of her mother Cecily (Cissy) Wolman ע׳ה on July 20 / 22 Tammuz

29/07/14 20:05:53

Mazal Tov to Leon & Alicia Kawalsky on birth of grandson Jul-28; to parents Daniel & Gina Cohen, & grandparents Mark & Caren Cohen

29/07/14 20:05:01

Mazal Tov Tony & Merrylin Goodman on birth of grandson in UK Jul-25; to parents R'Rafi & Rachel Kaiserblueth & grandparents R'Claudio & Suzy

17/07/14 20:20:43

Mazal Tov to Bev Michaelis on the birth of a grandson Jul-16; & to parents Guy & Carla Port and grandparents David & Leah Port.

13/07/14 23:44:40

Mazal Tov to Sol & Hannah Simons and Mark Braham on the engagement of grandson Moishe Simons & Itta Roth.

13/07/14 23:42:04

Mazal Tov Dr Sam & Eva Friedman on engagement of grandson Yosef Chaim Landau & Eliana Garfunkel; & parents Moishe & Miri and R'Yirmi & Debby

13/07/14 23:34:14

Mazal Tov to Sol & Hannah Simons and Mark Braham on the engagement of their grandson Moishe Simons to Itta Roth.

13/07/14 23:26:25

Condolences to Eva Bloch, Roland Bloch and their families on the passing of their husband & father Isadore Bloch ע׳ה on July 10 / 12 Tammuz

09/07/14 21:40:18

Mazal Tov to Raphael & Hilary Kahn on the engagement of daughter Gabrielle to Amit Segev; and to parents Shmuel & Pnina Segev (Israel).
Wed, 22 April 2015 3 Iyyar 5775

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