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LifeCycle - South Head Synagogue

02/03/14 20:24:24

Mazal Tov to Dr Simon & Stacey Benstock on the BarMitzvah of Adam on Mar-8; & to GndPnts Michael & Agnes Benstock and Walter & Sharon Jacobs

02/03/14 19:18:26

Mazal Tov to Les & Marcelle Plaut on the engagement of daughter Adi to Andy Kohn; and to parents Eddie & Polly Kohn.

24/02/14 19:39:21

Mazal Tov to Dr Alan & Laura Adno on birth of twin grandchildren on Feb-21st; to parents Danny & Shaan Adno & GPtns Graham & Ros Rosenthal

24/02/14 19:37:51

Mazal Tov to Avron & Susan Grossberg and Hessie Grossberg on the BatMitzvah of daughter & grand-daughter, Ella, on Fri-28th-Feb in Shul.

16/02/14 23:12:45

Mazal Tov to Dan & Rachelle Silver, Gary & Suzy Cohen & Andrew & Judy Silver on the birth of a daughter & grand-daughter on Feb 5th/5 Adar I

12/02/14 17:28:52

Condolences to David, Steven & Jonathan Shein & their families on the passing of their mother Betty Shein on Feb-12. Funeral Thu 11.30 MacPk

10/02/14 20:06:10

Mazal Tov to great grandparents Sol & Hannah Simons, Joyce Falk and grandfather Ivan Klein of the Gluck baby girl born on Feb-10th

10/02/14 19:53:34

Mazal Tov to Joe & Jacki Gluck and Shoshy & Steven Simons on the birth of a grand-daughter on 10-Feb; and to parents Aryeh & Chemda Gluck

05/02/14 18:19:42

Condolences to Michael Leibowitz, brothers Stephen & Tony, and families on the passing of their mother Bernice Leibowitz ע׳ה on February 1st

02/02/14 23:07:07

Condolences to Neville Morris, sister Susan Kacev and their families on the passing of their mother, Anne Morris ע׳ה on Jan-15th in SA

02/02/14 22:09:07

Mazal Tov to Dr Terry & Shani Diamond on the birth of a grandson on Jan-28; parents Dovi & Janine Diamond, & grandparents Len & Cheryl Smith

28/01/14 19:59:57

Mazal Tov to Naomi Briggs, Sean Kaye, Dr Henry & Miriam Briggs, Zelda Goran and Robert & Ann Kaye on the BarMitzvah of Benjamin on Feb-1st

27/01/14 19:10:05

Mazal Tov to Dr Roy & Diane Milunsky on the engagement of daughter Terri to Seb Ruiz; parents Mario & Regina Ruiz & grandfather Les Davimes

22/01/14 18:11:03

Condolences to Sandy Miller and children Dean, Terri & Shaun, on the passing of their husband and father, Mark Miller on Jan-22nd.

19/01/14 22:28:38

Mazal Tov to Howard & Shelley Watson and Ian & Glenda Sandler on the forthcoming marriage of Ryan & Megan; Aufruf at South Head Jan-25th

19/01/14 22:27:17

Mazal Tov to John & Merry Anstey and David & Janine Grossman on the forthcoming wedding of Josh & Ricci; Aufruf Jan-25th at South Head

19/01/14 22:24:48

Mazal Tov to Paul & Dani Shmukler on the BarMitzvah of son Kai on Jan-25th; & to grandparents Morris & Diana Shmukler and Len & Karen Milner

19/01/14 20:39:15

Mazal Tov to Grand & Grt grandparents of Tova (Poppy Jade Michael): Wilfred& Rhonda Lubowski, Lionel & Nola Goldsmith, Adam & Zelda Lubowski

19/01/14 20:34:30

Mazal Tov to Harry & Lillien Michael on birth of grand-daughter Tova (Poppy Jade) on Dec 31 and to parents Jonathan & Melissa Michael.

13/01/14 23:06:25

Mazal Tov to Cecil & Barbara Krost on the recent wedding of grand-daughter Keri Gaddin & Nathan Holloway in South Africa.

07/01/14 18:21:48

Condolences to Michael Wyner and family on the passing of his sister Edith Weininger on December 26th / 23 Tevet

05/01/14 19:04:40

Mazal Tov to Allen & Lorraine Chafkin on the recent birth of grand-daughter Channah (Cami) in South Africa; & to parents Taryn & Jason Sive

05/01/14 18:57:38

Mazal Tov to Sol & Hannah Simons and Mark & Pam Braham on the engagement of grand-daughter Bassie Simons & Lazer Engel.

05/01/14 18:52:39

Condolences to Roy Shotland, Wayne, Bradley and Danielle & families on the passing of their wife and mother Carol Shotland on 2-Jan/1 Shevat

19/12/13 19:37:41

Condolences to Jonathan Brock on the passing of his mother Goldy Brock -Dec-16th; to her husband Eugene, son Paul, daughter Nicky & families

16/12/13 22:19:05

Mazal Tov to the great grandparents of the newly born Reicher baby boy: Mrs Bella Miniewski and Mr Marty Reicher

16/12/13 22:18:05

Mazal Tov to Neil & Rebecca Reicher & Robert & Mary Emanuel on the birth of a son & grandson on Dec-11; & grandparents Myron & Janet Reicher

16/12/13 19:58:43

Mazal Tov to Graham & Michelle Wolf on BarMitzvah of son Adam on Dec-23; & to grandparents Lou & Sarah Wolf and Bernard & Freda Boston

16/12/13 19:56:45

Mazal Tov to Gus Freiberg on Jan5 wedding of g'ndson Dov Ben-Avraham & Lara Gabriel; & to grandparents Henry Gabriel & Otto & Yvonne Huttner

16/12/13 19:52:27

Mazal Tov to Dov Ben-Abraham & Lara Gabriel on upcoming wedding - Aufruf @ SthHead Dec-21st; to parents Uri Ben-Avraham and Stephen Gabriel
Sat, 26 July 2014 28 Tammuz 5774

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