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LifeCycle - South Head Synagogue

20/09/15 22:54:06

Mazal Tov to Ivan & Janice Benko on birth of grandson Koben Charles Aug-24; parents Jeremy & Naomi Benko and Gpnts Barry & Leonora Abeshouse

20/09/15 22:14:18

Condolences to Susan Dyne and family on the passing of her mother Joy Messer ע׳ה in South Africa on September 13th

10/09/15 22:45:18

Mazal Tov to Dr Shaun & Lisa (Rohald) Segal on birth of son Sept-11th; and to grandparents Ron & Jeanette Segal, Basil Rohald, Lyn Riesnik

31/08/15 00:47:00

Condolences to Grant Zeh and Nicola Zeh-Katz and their families on the passing of their father Harold Zeh ע׳ה in South Africa on Aug 28th.

19/08/15 20:04:36

Mazal Tov to Gabi & Sonya Rachamim on the engagement of Erez & Ruby Lanesman; and to parents Barry & Beverley Lanesman.

18/08/15 03:35:17

Condolences to Ian Tolkin, sons Dean, Sean, Zack & Salome Simon on the passing of their wife, mother & daughter Linda Tolkin ע׳ה on Aug-15th

17/08/15 00:02:52

Mazal Tov to Tom Wiesner and Bella Wiesner and Lila Cohen on the engagement of Lisa & Jonathan.

13/08/15 19:38:41

Condolences to Dr Maurice Haifer, Michael, Rosemary, Glenn, Hayley, Wendy & families on the passing of Rietta Haifer on August 13th

10/08/15 02:28:44

Mazal Tov Ben & Eve Friedman on birth of a grand-daughter Aug-7; to parents Rabbi Daniel & Batya Friedman & Gndpts Yosef Dovid & Sylvia Ivry

10/08/15 01:24:17

Condolences to Miriam Levy and David Levy and families on the passing of their husband and father, Michael "Mickey" Levy ע׳ה on August 9th

04/08/15 03:37:20

Condolences to Jeff Falkoff and family on the passing of his mother Rhona Falkoff ע׳ה in South Africa on July 27th.

03/08/15 23:43:39

Mazal Tov to Jeff & Dana Strumpman on the engagement of daughter Taryn & David Kasriel; and to Mrs Molly Kasriel.

02/08/15 23:49:58

Mazal Tov Ron & Susan Dyne, parents Joni & Tali Dyne, Wolf & Barbara Solomon, Bernice Dyne, Gabe & Fay Lazarus on birth of baby girl Aug-2

02/08/15 22:53:16

Mazal Tov to Muriel Balkin and Dr Maurice & Rietta Haifer on the birth of great grandson Ethan Mica Waine on July 18th.

02/08/15 22:51:47

Mazal Tov to David & Rosemary Balkin, Jeremy & Melissa Waine, Dr Eric & Dr Maureen Waine on the birth of Ethan Mica [Eytan Chaim] on July18

30/07/15 11:44:27

Condolences to Robyn Cohen and family on the passing of her father Harold Waldman ע׳ה on July 25 / 10 Menachem Av

29/07/15 19:58:12

Mazal Tov Dr Alex & Lyn Freitag on birth of grandson Daniel Ezra Jul-10; to parents Raphael & Sharon Adler & grandfather Michael Adler

29/07/15 01:14:13

Mazal Tov Gary&Suzy Cohen on engagement of Leslie & Lyndi Polivnick; &Dennis&Elize Polivnick, Valerie Cohen, Giselle Koltai, Sonia Polivnick

21/07/15 16:06:35

Mazal Tov to Jeff Krug on birth of grandson Jul-20; parents Larry&Lisa Porter; Jenny Mandell, David&Bunny Porter, Issy&CillaDen, Molly Krug

21/07/15 00:27:24

Condolences to Dr Neville Segall and family on the passing of his brother Ian Segall ע׳ה in South Africa on July 14th

14/07/15 21:59:29

Mazal Tov to Sacha & Anita Temple and grandparents John & Rose Temple, Nancy King, Dr Steven & Suzy King on the birth of a baby boy Jul-15th

13/07/15 20:51:22

Condolences to Barry Shagrin and family on the passing of his father Henry Shagrin ע׳ה on July 13th - Funeral Wed 2pm Chevra Kaddishe

09/07/15 20:35:01

Condolences to John Dalley and family on the passing of his father Robert Dalley ע׳ה on July10th

09/07/15 10:54:07

Condolences to Robert Woolf and family on the passing of his brother, Louis Woolf ע׳ה in South Africa on July 6th

03/07/15 10:53:17

Mazal Tov to Garry & Sara Lavan on engagement of Avital & Benjy Behar; parents Sam & Miriam Behar, &Gpnts Dr Alex & Kati Lawan, Miriam Lavan

28/06/15 20:37:21

Mazal Tov to Barry & Michelle Meskin on birth of son Jun-28; & to Rolly & Margaret Nagel, Eva Geller and Michael & Hazel Meskin

28/06/15 20:36:17

Mazal Tov to Shimi & Andi Friedgut on birth of son Jun-28; Esmond & Gail Kilov, Solly & Brenda Abkin, Martin & Ady Friedgut, David Friedgut

25/06/15 00:10:18

Mazal Tov to Abkin & Haifer families: Barry & Wynn, Solly & Brenda, Brett & Kim, Mike & Annette, Maurice & Rietta on birth of Ariella Jun-22

25/06/15 00:06:36

Mazal Tov to Cecil & Norma Hoffman, Lara & Antony Ritch and Jack & Diane Ritch on birth of Lilly on April 30 in USA

21/06/15 22:11:21

Condolences to Mark Seskin & family on the passing of his father Fred Seskin ע׳ה on Jun-20; Minyanim Mon &Tue 7.30pm Kehillat Masada Shul
Wed, 26 October 2016 24 Tishrei 5777

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