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LifeCycle - South Head Synagogue

21/06/15 22:11:21

Condolences to Mark Seskin & family on the passing of his father Fred Seskin ע׳ה on Jun-20; Minyanim Mon &Tue 7.30pm Kehillat Masada Shul

18/06/15 04:05:30

Mazal Tov to grandparents Stan & Cheryl Kaftel and Menashe & Geraldine Harkham, & parents Jared & Tova on the birth of a baby boy June 18th

17/06/15 01:57:40

Mazal Tov to Hannah & Grant Benson, & Gndparents Roger & Judy Kaye, Susan Kaye, Dougie & Rhona Benson on the birth of a baby girl June 15th

01/06/15 00:48:03

Mazal Tov to great grandparents Les Davimes, Uri & Beryl Milunsky and Mario Skvirsky on the birth of baby Ruiz on May 28th.

01/06/15 00:45:42

Mazal Tov to Seb & Terri Ruiz and grandparents Dr Roy & Diane Milunsky, Mario & Regina Ruiz on the birth of a baby girl on May 28th.

06/05/15 19:37:10

Mazal Tov to Dr Ivan & Vera Goldberg on birth of grandson Toby Eli Jacob on April 21; to parents Brad & Niki Allen, & Gnpts Gary & Kay Allen

03/05/15 20:38:22

Mazal Tov to great grandparents Alex & Lily Milecki and Rabbi Mendel & Rebbetzin Roza Marsow, & to grandparents Rabbi Moshe & Sara Leider

03/05/15 20:35:17

South Head wishes MazalTov to Rabbi & Rebbetzin Milecki on birth of a grand-daughter May 1st; and to parents Rabbi Chony & Chanchie Milecki

29/04/15 00:50:38

Condolences to Peter Wise and family on the passing of his mother Gerta Huppert ע׳ה on Apr-29; Funeral Thurs 2pm Macquarie; Minyan 7pm Monte

28/04/15 00:56:55

Mazal Tov Allan & Marian Spiro on birth of grand-daughter Galia Chana on Mar-15; parents Tami & David Rich; grandparents Zishe & Helga Rich

26/04/15 20:32:44

Condolences to Henry and Barry Shagrin & families on the passing of wife and mother Clare ע׳ה Funeral Mon-27th from 2pm Chevra to Rookwood

26/04/15 19:33:36

Condolences to Susan Sonnenschein and family on the passing of her father Richard Symonds; Funeral 10am Mon-Apr-27 - Chevra to Rookwood

19/04/15 21:40:56

Mazal Tov Phil & Marianne Stern on engagement of Brendan & Sarah Nevies; parents Robert & Leah; &Gndmothers Barbara Stern and Tamara Bennett

16/04/15 20:02:09

MAZAL TOV to David & Gilda Hardy on engagement of Sol & Tahlia; parents Bob & Gaby Trijbetz and grandmothers Hetty Hardy and Rose Henenberg

26/03/15 18:21:05

Mazal Tov to Malcolm & Jodi Kofsky on birth of grand-daughter 26-Mar; parents Eli & Shira Greenwald; Gndparents R'Chananya & Helen Greenwald

16/03/15 00:34:25

Mazal Tov to Colin & Bev Tow on engagement of Daniel & Caroline; parents Ian & Maxine Goldman; Gdpts Shoshana Tow, Gloria Levy, Laz Goldman

10/03/15 21:25:19

Condolences to Les Kraus and Anne Levi and families on the passing of their father Sigmund Kraus ע׳ה on Mar-10; Funeral Thur 11.30 at Chevra

09/03/15 00:06:15

Condolences to Bernard Herbert and family on the passing of his mother Becky Herbert ע׳ה on Mar 6/ Adar 16 in Israel

09/03/15 00:05:09

Mazal Tov to Dr Ivan & Vera Goldberg on birth of GndDaughter Greta Elly on Feb-17; parents Tanya & Trent & GndParents Fred & Terri Bartfield

05/03/15 18:42:11

Condolences to Jeffrey Foxman and family on the passing of his sister Marsha Foxman ע׳ה on March 5th. Funeral today 12pm Chevra to Rookwood

04/03/15 20:29:39

Mazal Tov to Errol & Sandi Meyerowitz and Sasha & Marina Novochenok on the engagement of their children Craig & Anna.

01/03/15 17:26:28

Condolences to Brian Super and family on the passing of his father Ivan Super עה on March 1st, Funeral today 11am at Macquarie Park Cemetery

25/02/15 22:13:28

Mazal Tov to Tom Wiesner and Bella Wiesner together with Ventry & Pauline Gray on the engagement of Jeremy & Felicity.

23/02/15 22:56:31

Condolences to Hylton Green and family on the passing of his father Sydney Green עה in Perth on 22 February.

23/02/15 21:32:55

Condolences to Jeffrey Engelman and family on the passing of his father John Engelman עה on February 24th.

22/02/15 20:25:10

Mazal Tov to Lisa Skovron and Michael & Carol Skovron on the birth of son and grandson Naftali [Leo Henry] on February 10th.

18/02/15 19:47:00

Mazal Tov to Adele Lehrer, Eddie & Flore Jaku and Sandor Agoston on the birth of a great grandson on Feb-18th.

18/02/15 19:46:00

Mazal Tov to Marc & Rachel Jaku, Michael & Linda Jaku and Alan & Esther Reich on the birth of a son and grandson on 18-Feb.

17/02/15 00:59:22

MAZALTOV to Jason & Molly Gellert and Robert & Marie Gellert on birth of a daughter and grand-daughter on 13-Feb; & to Ray & Ellen Duggins.

10/02/15 21:06:17

Mazal Tov to Dr Henry & Miriam Briggs and family on the engagement of their grand-daughter Michal Weill & Yisrael Glicksberg in Israel.
Sun, 31 July 2016 25 Tammuz 5776

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Anyone who mourns the destruction of the Temple will merit and see it rebuilt - Talmud

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