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LifeCycle - South Head Synagogue

01/07/14 18:13:08

@haydencooper how could you not have bothered to check the names of the "slain Israeli" teenagers .. it's Gilad Sha'ar .. not as you had it

25/06/14 19:56:33

Mazal Tov to Richard & Vicky Pajor on the BarMitzvah of Alon on June 28th; and to the Pajor, Spiro, Hart, Rothman & Cotter families

18/06/14 20:14:28

Condolences to Ian Charif and Gail Bachmann & their families on the passing of their mother, Bertha Charif ע׳ה on June 19th.

17/06/14 22:04:25

Mazal Tov Dr Peter & Shirley Kalish on the birth of grand-daughter Esther Devorah [Mila Maxine] on June 16; & to parents Nick & Stacey Karno

16/06/14 23:01:29

Mazal Tov to Sheldon & Lynn Mayer, Julius & Joy Mayer, Jack & Marcelle Friedman on the BarMitzvah of Ryan on June 21st.

09/06/14 21:55:03

Condolences to Miriam Briggs & family on the passing of her mother Zelda Goran - 7-Jun; & to G'children Debbie, Ari, Simon, Naomi & families

06/06/14 11:31:53

Condolences to Jackie Miller & family on the passing of her father Peter Horak on Jun-2; Funeral FRI 2pm at Macquarie - Min: Sat 6pm Central

05/06/14 21:59:41

Mazal Tov Jeff & Lindi Falkoff on the birth of grandson Jun-2; to parents Dean & Candyce Weinbren and Gndparents Milton & Arlene Weinbren.

22/05/14 00:54:51

Mazal Tov to Sol & Hannah Simons and Mark Braham on the birth of a great grandson born to Rabbi Mendel & Raychey Simons; & to Goodman family

22/05/14 00:53:16

Condolences to Yael Shudnow and family on the passing of her mother, Rachel Musleah ע׳ה

20/05/14 00:17:31

Condolences to Albert Epstein, Ariella and Adam & their families on the passing of their wife and mother, Angela Epstein ע׳ה on May 19th

19/05/14 00:01:25

Mazal Tov to Dr Mark & Rochelle Eisenberg on birth of grandson; parents R'Daniel & Michelle Eisenberg; GndPts Barry & Leonora Abeshouse

18/05/14 23:58:50

Mazal Tov to Garron & Samantha Kavonic on birth of Dan Ari; Gndpts Kevin&Glenda Kavonic, Vincent&Myrna Airey; GrtGndPts Alex&Sheila Kavonic

14/05/14 23:08:33

Condolences to Dee Aronson, Nick Aronson & Natanya Milner & families on the passing of their father & grandfather, Sol Krasnostein on May15

11/05/14 20:29:47

Condolences to Cynthia Weinberg and family on the passing of her father Philip Richter ע׳ה in South Africa on May 8th.

11/05/14 20:14:56

Condolences to Ziggy Lambert-Revell and family on the passing of her husband Tibby Revell ע׳ה on May 9th.

09/05/14 10:27:50

Mazal Tov to Mari Cohen on the engagement of Melissa to Saul Cohen; & to parents Ivan & Shelley Cohen (USA).

05/05/14 20:47:55

Mazal Tov to Peter & Ingrid Jacobson on the birth of grand-daughter Daliya Jade on Apr-30; & to parents Tyrone & Natalie Hersch in London

30/04/14 21:15:33

Mazal Tov to Warren & Mia Kalinko, Stan & Venetia Kalinko, Morris & Marion Davids on Apr-17 birth of daughter & grand-daughter Emily Miriam

30/04/14 19:54:35

Condolences to Rose, Marke and Royce Isacowitz & families on the passing of their husband and father Israel "Sholly" Isacowitz on Apr 30.

30/04/14 19:20:15

Iyar is a time of physical & emotional healing. But remember: although G-d may work through doctors, ultimate healing comes from Him!

29/04/14 21:00:20

Mazal Tov to Ben & Eve Friedman on the birth of a grandson Apr-29th; to parents Michael & Kate Friedman and grandparents Brian & Ruth Hendry

29/04/14 19:15:28

When you strive for and attain the very best that YOU can, G-d will gift you with achievement far greater than you believed humanly...

28/04/14 19:07:59

The entire world belongs to G-d. Before "grabbing a bite", be respectful & say please! Takes only seconds to say a bracha (blessing)!

27/04/14 22:47:51

Mazal Tov to grandparents Dr Evan & Nicola Gordon and Israel & Esther Lazar & to great grandparents Albert & Myra Allen on birth of Eliyah.

27/04/14 22:45:30

Mazal Tov to Charles & Andrea Gordon on the birth of Gt Grandson Eliyah on 14 Nisan, and to parents Guy & Karli Lazar.

22/04/14 22:16:56

Mazal Tov to Gary & Janine Wolman on the engagement of Shayna to Daniel Karney; to parents Michael & Jo Karney & grandmother Lovell Wolman.

22/04/14 22:14:26

Mazal Tov to Mrs Hetty Hardy and Mrs Rose Henenberg, great grandmothers of the recently born Hardy baby boy in USA.

22/04/14 22:12:41

Mazal Tov to David & Gilda Hardy on birth of grandson Avraham Yisrael on 18 Apr; to parents R'Nathan & Tamar; & Grandparents Yoram Gafni and Toby Weiss.

16/04/14 21:29:13

Mazal Tov to Mark & Lynn Seskin on birth of grandson Gershon (Dion) on Apr-10; parents Ronnie & Carly Staub & Gndparents Joe & Debbie Staub
Tue, 23 December 2014 1 Tevet 5775

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