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About South Head

South Head Synagogue is a family-oriented shule with a dynamic Rabbi & Rebbetzin (Benzion & Henya Milecki) and a melodious Chazan (Yehoshua Niasoff) and choir. The Shule has also appointed an Assistant Rabbi - Dovid Sebban. Together they form a team of dedicated spiritual staff for our rapidly growing Kehilla.

At South Head you will benefit from a full range of activities, including twice-daily synagogue services, Jewish education from basic to advanced levels and a range of children's activities.

The synagogue is renowned for its warm and friendly atmosphere; the Rabbi for his ability to communicate Judaism in a manner which is both relevant and meaningful; the Rebbetzin for her seemingly limitless hospitality and concern and care for members of the community, and the Chazan and choir for their ability to involve the community in the service. Rabbi Sebban's addition to the rabbinical staff means more service can be provided for Bikkur Cholim visits and the care of the elderly in our community.

South Head Synagogue

Ph: +612 9371 7300        Fax: +612 9371 7416



Karen Fried

Office Manager Ext 0 admin@southhead.org

Alex Ben

Accounts Ext 2 accounts@southhead.org
Rabbi Benzion Milecki OAM    Chief Rabbi Ext 8 rabbi@southhead.org
Rebbetzin Henya Milecki Rebbetzin Ext 7 henya@southhead.org
Rabbi Shmuly Kleiner Pastoral Manager    0401 558 223    shmuly@southhead.org
Rabbi Yehoshua Niasoff Chazan 0414 414 770 yniasoff1@gmail.com
Elimelech Felberman Youth Director 0434 811 770 youth@southhead.org
Shimi Russel Youth Director    
Bikkur Cholim:
Rebbetzen Henya Milecki 09371 7300 ext 7    


Board of Management

June 2016

President James Hochroth


Treasurer Jack Fisher OAM


Board Members Dr Sander Becker


  Garry Lavan


  Bev Michaelis


  David Manne







Wed, 29 March 2017 2 Nisan 5777

The Daily Word

Join us for lunch this Shabbos with Australian author Gabrielle Lord. Call 0401 558 223 to confirm your spot. https://t.co/EH1oQi0oBH

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