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South Head Synagogue

A New Vision For South Head!

This past Sunday we had our first Board Meeting. This is my opening address to the Board in which I enunciate critical elements of our vision for South Head. Below you will find a message from President James Hochroth who will, G-d Willing, be a regular contributor to South Head’s eNews.

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for being here today and for joining our Board of Management. In so doing you demonstrate your support of our Shule, our President and myself. The last two weeks have been difficult – I would say unnecessarily difficult – as a result of the unwelcome publicity in the AJN, but I believe that is behind us. I would like to say at the outset that James and our treasurer Jack have been extraordinarily supportive of me personally. Through that support they have unleashed an energy that I haven’t felt in years. Let’s say it how it is: everyone needs support. Even Moses needed support. When he had the support of the people, he ascended in greatness, when he didn’t, he descended. As of today, we turn over a new constructive leaf. We take the first steps in making our shule – South Head – all that it can be, the most vibrant shule in Sydney. Read More

A Presidential Address

I have just been elected president, to be confronted with an article in the Australian Jewish News. I want to talk to you about myself, how I see the issues and challenges facing the shul and Rabbi Milecki’s position.

I was born and brought up in New York. I am about to celebrate 40 years of marriage; my wife, Yvonne, comes from a family of Holocaust survivors in Adelaide, who were Hungarian-speaking, and very religious.

I have been a member at South Head for nearly 35 years, on the board for 23 years, thus making me the longest serving person; I served as treasurer for a few years. Read More


Simchat Yom Tov Fund

Donations to Simchat Yom Tov Fund can be made at any time to honour people for a variety of reasons - in lieu of birthday gifts;  when making a pledge after an Aliyah; to show gratitude for someone's kindness or assistance; in the merit of a Refuah Sheleima .. and more


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The Jew: Beyond the Natural Order

During our glorious yet tortuous history we have risen to heights unequaled by any other nation or people...but we have also been trampled underfoot by all other nations and people. We are a nation which has given the world so much, yet has suffered so much in return.... If the lofty concept of morality exists, it is due to the Jews; and if the degrading concept of holocaust exists, then that too is due to the Jews. more..

Rabbi Benzion Milecki

Adapting to Change - How, When and Why

Just because something worked once, doesn't mean it will work again!  You have to adapt to changing circumstances - and it takes great wisdom to know if, when and how.  Read more....

Celebrating 30 Years

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Benzion OAM & Rebbetzin Henya Milecki on the 30th anniversary of their appointment to South Head & District Synagogue on 13 August, 1984 / 16 Menachem Av 5754

Their work began in January of the following year and we look forward to celebrating this significant milestone at an appropriate function in 2015. We congratulate our Rabbi & Rebbetzin on their dedication and commitment to the growth and long term sustainability of our Kehilla.

Malcolm Kofsky & the Board - Shabbat Eikev 5774

Rabbi Milecki's Torah Blog

Visit Rabbi Milecki's Torah Blog for a wealth of articles.

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Adapting to Change How, When and Why ... just because something worked before doesn't mean it will work again -You have to adapt to changing circumstances - and it takes great wisdom to know if, when and how.
Every Jew a Shaliach Each and every Jew, man and woman, is a shaliach - G-d’s personal emissary. With this great privilege comes the great responsibility .. Jun-15


Wed, 29 June 2016 23 Sivan 5776

The Daily Word

Talmud: Just as the olive yields light only when it is pounded, so are man's greatest potentials realized only under pressure of adversity.

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